Monday, November 30, 2009

Conservative Thugs

In the past I have heard it often said that those of the Muslim faith who do not speak out against the terrorism and violence are just as guilt of it. Well the same holds true for Americans. As a conservative, albeit not a traditional one, when I hear stories of extreme behavior in the name of Conservatism I feel I must speak out and condemn that behavior.

Recently I was made aware of an incident in Chicago. Midge Hough lost her daughter in law and grandchild to illness and now speaks out in favor of the Obama HealthCare plan. Now I disagree with this woman’s stand. No one in this country is denied medical care. And it is sad that her daughter in law waited too long to seek medical care. But I would never shout her down and call her story a lie. I would never attack a grieving mother or grandmother. I would possibly try to engage her in a conversation and help her see that her view of the facts are shaded with her grief and anger. Sometimes a kind and caring conversation does more good than any other tactic.

But the head of the Chicago tea party felt it was ok to verbal attack this woman. Then this tea partier decided that following her home and invading her privacy was ok. Well I’m sorry it is NEVER ok to treat others in such a disgusting manner. After doing a little research on the head of the Chicago tea party movement I am appalled that I may be associated with such a person. She has turned her anger on those in the conservative movement who did not fall into step with her skewed thinking to the point of making threats on other tea party members lives.. publicly at that. It is these types of extreme behaviors that alienate the general public. How is this different from the SEIU attacking a tea partier? Does her claim to be a conservative make it acceptable?

As much as those in the Conservative movement hate to admit most Americans are moderate. One or two clicks left or right of center. And when extreme behaviors are allowed to define a political party it encourages those moderates to vote and support the opposite party. It’s easy to say these people are fringe groups and don’t represent me… but if we do not actively and publicly denounce these behaviors then we are condoning them. We cannot be passive on these issue. Passive violence is the worst kind.

So here I am… a somewhat moderate conservative American who is speaking out.

· It is NOT ok or justified to attack other people whether you disagree with them or not. Argue the facts, discuss and debate the topics but stop attacking and threatening individuals!

· Stop spreading the crazy conspiracies…it makes you no better than the 9-11 truthers. Yes I am speaking of the birthers. Let it go already and deal with what we have in front of us.

· Stop trying to force your personal life choices on others and calling it conservative.

· Stick to the topics and do not stoop to the level of others.

· If you see someone speaking out for Conservatives who is giving them a “black eye” and giving the liberals ammo.. speak up and denounce the behavior.

We are judged by the company we keep… do you want to be associated with people who chase down, threaten and attack anyone who disagrees with them? Do not be passive.. take a stand to anyone liberal or conservative who uses extreme and morally reprehensible behaviors.