Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Humbled to be an American

I often hear people speak about how proud they are to be an American. Well I'm humbled to be an American. I'm humbled to be a mother and wife. I am humbled to be able to write and have others read my words. Too often we get so caught up in our pride that we forget to appreciate what we have and be humbled by it.

Only in America does a woman such as myself have the freedom to chose to be a stay at home mom or have a career or both. Only in this amazing Nation do I have a voice that is equal to all others. When I put my pride down long enough to truly look at where I live I am HUMBLED. Humbled by the prosperity and liberty of this nation. Humbled that so many people of different mindset and beliefs can work side by side. Humbled that I can blog my thoughts and others feel they are worthy of reading.

I have been heard often saying I am a proud Army mom. But again when I put my pride aside I become humbled to be a part of such a honorable group. I am humbled that in return for my son's service I was embraced by some of the most caring and honorable men and women in the world. I humbled that they call me one of their own. It rocks me to the core to realize that just by reaching out in my love for my son I was embraced. Truly humbling is that these men and women, who serve our Nation in the military, do not know me personally or you personally yet they put their lives on the line daily to protect our rights and freedoms. Stop and think about that.. be humbled that perfect strangers are willing to do this for you.

I am humbled to have been blessed with children who will have opportunities that other young people in the world will never have. They were give the chance to get an education that offered them the tools to grow and become who they are. Education is a tool that every single American is given and how you use that tool, what you put into determines what you will take from it. It is humbling that we are all given this precious tool. It is sad so many are so proud they forget to invest themselves in it.

I am humbled that jobs are available. Oh it may not pay as much as you want or you may not like your job but the work is there. It is humbling that we have the means to provide for ourselves. It is humbling to know that the harder I am willing to work the more benefits I will get.

I'm humbled to know that is my family becomes ill that I can seek out medical care for them. Yes there is the hassle of insurance paperwork and a bill will have to be paid but the care is there. Medication is a few blocks away. I don't have sit by helpless watching those I love sick or suffering. It's humbling to know that help is available. Even to those who will struggle to pay the bill for it.

I'm humbled to have a government that I have a voice in. I don't like a lot of the things my government does but where else in the world can I speak out in dismay and not fear questioning my government. I can vote. I have a say. I may be out numbered by my fellow Americans in that vote but in the end I got my say. Not only that I can call my representatives and voice verbally to them how I feel about the job they are doing. It's humbling to realize my representatives are a phone call or fax away.

Yes I am humbled to be an American. For when we allow pride to guide us we do not appreciate the true blessing of what we have. We forget to tend it and care for and begin to take it for granted. All our freedoms, all our liberties, all our blessings are lost to greed, envy and gluttony when we are not humbled by them. We become lazy in our vigilance of these blessings and fall to false values.

Today do not be a proud American .. be a humble one.

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Mike Dugas said...

It is people such as yourself who keep me grounded and give me hope when at times I feel I have none.
As a vet myself I am truly humbled by your words and the honor they do your sons memory.
May God bless you and keep you and yours close to Him.