Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wounded Veteran Wins Seventh Title at Lumberjack World Championships

Wounded warriors are such an inspiration to me. To have life changing injuries received in the line of duty, and to continue to accomplish so much.. well even on my worst day I have no right to even consider quitting....

HAYWARD - People came from across the country to watch at the 50th annual Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward. Sunday was the finals, and a wounded veteran was in the competition. It's an international world class competition.

This year, wounded Iraq War Veteran JR Salzman came back to compete and he made it to the finals. "Regardless of my injuries, I can still log roll, I can still win, I can still accomplish things and I'm alive, I'm still here, I'm going to enjoy life," said Salzman.

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Basebook.com Helps Reconnect Military Members

One of the best thing about military life is the friendships and bonds that are created. Not only among those who serve, which is a bond that only they truly understand, but between the spouses and children of those who serve. But as it is with the military people move a lot to new post or back into civilian life and loose touch with each other. the internet and social media outlets make it easier to keep in touch with sites like facebook, myspace and twitter and now military members have a social media outlet dedicated just for them making it easier than ever to re-acquainted with long lost friends.
Josh Kayser has created www.militarybasebook.com. Members can log in via their facebook account. Basebook lets members post and search for others, such as those who served on the same bases, or who might share similar interests or military experiences, he said. Members can also set up their profile information to include which medals, badges and ribbons they’ve been awarded.

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Iraq Veterans Find Afghan Enemy Even Bolder

All too often those of us who are not in the military would like to think we are fighting the most stupid of men. The problem is in thinking the enemy is stupid we underestimate them and give them a advantage.

The enemy in Iraq was well armed but not skillful in the ways of war. Unlike those in Iraq our enemy in Afghanistan has been fighting wars for many many years.

“They’re not stupid,” said Lance Cpl. Frank Hegel. “You can tell they catch on to things, and they don’t make the same mistake twice.”

They are very skillful in fighting as coalition forces have found out first hand. Thankfully though they are not well armed.

“If they had better weapons, we’d be in real trouble,” said Lance Cpl. Vazgen Matevosyan.

We can not continue to assume the war in Afghanistan is going to be easy and that we are fighting some overly religious dumb farmers. We are fighting an army with many many years of experience in fighting. Not only on the battle field but in the ways of controlling and gaining the support of the people in Afghanistan ( See Code Of Conduct Story)

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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Special Retirement Cake For 40 Years of Service

Every retirement party should have a special cake and after 40 years of service to our country Henry A. Moak, Jr had an extremely special one. He celebrated his retirement with a c-ration pound cake from a drab olive can he received as a Marine helicopter pilot off the Vietnamese coast in 1973. He vowed to hang on to it until the day he retired and he did just that.

After daring anybody "gutsy" enough to share the pound cake with him, he had one taker, retired Lt. Gen. Paul T. Mikolashek took an even bigger piece. The cake was declared to be "good" and "the same as it always was".

Congratulation Col. Moak... and thank you for 40 years of service to this Nation.

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Taliban Code of Conduct?

Limiting suicide attacks, avoiding civilian casualties and winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the local civilian population? These are a few things outlines in the 13 chapters of the recently obtained Taliban Code of Conduct.

Could it be that they are wising up and realizing that pissing people off by killing them and terrorizing them is not the best way to keep them from turning them over to NATO forces? Or are they truly trying to legitimize themselves to bring peace? Nah.. it can't be anything so credible. What is happening is the Taliban is quietly and diligently building a shadow government in Afghanistan. This is the first steps in
Mullah Omar, the movement's leader, to centralize the Taliban's operations. By centralizing Taliban operations they can execute attacks and gain more control over the government there.

"The timing may be just a coincidence, however, as rival presidential candidates detail their manifestos and the Taliban makes an effort to win over the Afghan public.

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Schoolboy Suicide Bombers Rescued

The Pakistani Arm y rescued between 1200-1500 teenage boys from Taliban training camps. Some as young as 11 years old. These boys were either lured away from families or outright kidnapped. Once at the training camps the cult like indoctrination to make them suicide bombers began. Now removed from these camps they will go through rehabilitation to help them adjust back to the lives they were taken from.

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Pelosi: "I don't care"

Today when told she has the lowest approval ratings of any House Speaker in history she responded with "I don't care". Not particularly surprising but very telling. Ms. Pelosi is not representing the people, she's in this for herslef and herself only. And that is why she doesn't care. Now the rest of us go to work every day and we damn well better care what our bosses think of the job we are doing. So how it is that Ms. Pelosi thinks she doesn't have to care about what her bosses think of the job she is doing?

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