Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anti-war Protests…Next Time Just Slap me

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It’s one thing to hear about or even see pictures and video of something, it’s something completely different to actually experience it. I have read about anti war protest.. I’ve seen the videos and pictures. .. and yes they were upsetting. I have listened to others talk about their experiences at antiwar protest and thought I understood how bad they were… but it was not until this past Saturday that I truly understood how devastating they are to the families of the Fallen.

Saturday was our 6th day of vacation in California. ( great vacation by the way) and we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier. We started with the promenade and did a little shopping. We enjoyed the street performers and was having a really nice time.. till we hit the pier. Not sure why but I knew something was up. I felt it. I looked down on to the beach when we hit the pier and there it was.. the anti war protest.. hundreds of crosses.. the flag draped coffins. I knew somewhere down there in the mist of it my son’s name was on one of the crosses. I felt as if someone had slapped me and punched me in the gut. My first instinct was to go down onto the beach and confront those putting this display on. I thought better of it. I knew if I did in the emotional state I was in I would end up in jail and those asshats were not worth it.

I wanted to go and ask those holding this event if they could name just one name on the crosses they displayed.. I wanted to know if they cared so much for the Fallen they claimed to care about if they ever considered the affect on the families of those who they claimed to care so much about their display had. I wanted to ask if a single penny they raised went to take care of my son’s brothers or their families.

I knew my son better than anyone and I know he would have been mortified to have his name used in such an manner. I was physically affected seeing this anti war protest. It is an experience I never want to go through again but I know I will. And I know that in the future I need to be prepared to deal with it in a less emotional manner.

Fact is these anti war protesters who say they care so much about the troops don’t give a shit about them. If they did they would take in consideration the people those who serve loved and who love them. All I can say to them is next time you want to hurt the families of the fallen just slap us.. it hurts less.


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