Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crash the Tea Parties!? Oh Yeah, Their Scared

I know it’s April Fools day but this is no joke. And well I saw this coming for awhile now and in fact have seen it happen. Some of those showing up at tea parties are blatant about their dislike of the message and counter protest. I actually respect those people. The hold up their counter message protest signs and are using their freedom of speech in the same manner as the tea partiers. Others come and start fights so they can point fingers at the tea party goers. And then there are still others who have become active members of the tea party in order to under mind the movement from within. And then there are the ones who jumped on the band wagon to make money off the movement.

On April 15th a large group of Americans are planning on going to DC to use their right of free speech and protest the ever increasing taxes and re-distribution of wealth going on in this country. Hopefully it will remain a peaceful protest for those attending opinions. I somehow doubt that though after reading this “Crash the tea Parties” at infoshop. It’s a detailed plan on how to disrupt and even incite violence at the April 15th tea party.

Not sure what most amuses me, the list of tea party links.. “So you can spy on them” as if the movement is so covert. Or that this group at Infoshop call themselves anarchist. Maybe my dictionary is broken because I always thought anarchist wanted no government influence but these idiots are supporting a administration that has created more government influence in the private sector and private lives than any before.

There is a positive to this reaction of the left. It means they are scared that so many Americans are becoming informed and involved in how their government is abusing its power. Keep that in mind if you attend the Tea Party on April 15th and don’t allow others to lower you to their standards. Stay peaceful and stay on the message of limiting government influence. Keep your video cameras handy so we can show these thugs for what they are.

Don’t allow others to paint you with their brush. The tea parties are not about hate or violence but about a righteous anger over the growing control of government of our lives.

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