Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Elaine Myra Greenberg

Elaine Myra Greenberg

On Sept. 11th, 2001 Elaine went to work as financial services consultant for Compaq. Like so many others that day she did not come home. She had gone to a meeting at the World Trade Center that morning. As I read through the remarks left on her legacy page I was struck at the repeated statements of those who knew this lady. Consistently she was described as happy witty and full of love ad consideration of others.

I have decided to let those who knew her best share who she was with you. I can only say I wish I had met her. And though I haven’t she has touched my life. Following are quotes left on her legacy page and from interviews of those who knew this lady.

“Her boisterious laugh lingers in the heart of those she knew. “

“Elaine, you embodied all the love one could have from a sister.”

“Elaine managed to get to every family event, the sad as well as the happy.”

“Elaine, I still hear your hearty laugh!”

“She was a wonderful woman, who was cordial and thoughtful and witty and sophisticated.”

“This is a woman who consistently thought of others first. Funny, kind and ever thoughtful, once she knew your taste she would try to find things for you she thought you would appreciate. It saved her boss's life on that black day. That morning, Elaine pulled a box out of a shopping bag and gave it to him. He was surprised because it wasn't his birthday or other gift-giving day, but he opened the box and found a tie. It was an "art" tie,that she had seen in a museum. Monet or Manet, one of the Impressionists- she thought he would like it, which he did. He said, can I put it on now? She told him he couldn't wear it with the shirt he had on, so he said, well, I have a white shirt in the hotel, but it needs ironing. I'll be a few minutes late, but... I really want to wear this tie."

So she went upstairs to the 106th floor and he went to his room. He hadn't ironed anything in some time, so it took him a while to do the ironing. Meantime, Elaine called to say, take this bank of elevators upstairs. OK, he said, and shortly left for the meeting. He was in the lobby when the plane hit.”

“She loved sending people postcards.She would call you up to tell you she had sent you one. Then she would call you up when you got it. She wanted to see if you were enjoying it."

“She was known as the "cool aunt" in her family. And why not? How many aunts teach their nieces and nephews to drink and gamble?”

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