Friday, August 14, 2009

Shelia Jackson Lee Just Doesn't Get It

A couple of days ago I linked to the video of Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee talking on her cell phone during a townhall meeting while being asked a question by one of the people she WORKS FOR! And I commented on her arrogance. Well last night Ms. Lee was on Greta Van Susteren and once again should her holier than thou arrogance. and the phone call that was SO IMPORTANT was to a hotline set up for her constituents, recorded calls she could have listen to anytime... then way was she talking into the phone??

Ok Here is the line that got me..

Shelia Jackson Lee: But I, Shelia Jackson Lee, I remain steadfast, ready to hear, and trying to convince them.

So she is not listening she is just trying to convince people. This woman simple does not listen!

Video Here:

Fully Story Here

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