Thursday, December 3, 2009

The "Proper" Seasonal Greeting??

Every year about this time the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays debate begins. As I sit here watching the overreaction of many I am reminded of the commercial that was shown a few years ago. “I’m not touching you” You remember it right? The little boy has his finger about 3 inches from his sister a keeps repeating “I’m not touching you” over and over. Technically he’s not doing anything wrong but he knows he is annoying the crap out of his sister and does so to get a reaction.
I see the whole “Happy Holidays” controversy and the same thing. There really is NOTHING wrong with saying Happy Holidays. It’s been an acceptable seasonal greeting for many many years.. till someone decided it was offensive to those who want to say “Merry Christmas. Then the Politically Correct crowd found a way to annoy people without really doing anything wrong. I’m sure they are quite amused at the reaction of those on the right which is why they keep it up. Fact is when people stop being annoyed and reacting they will stop with the whole “happy holidays” thing. But getting that reaction is FUN for them so they keep it up. But then reaction to the 'Happy Holidays" PC crowd is the same behavior. Fact is trying to force everyone to say "Merry Christmas" is just as bad as others trying to make everyone not say it and only say "Happy Holidays". Both sides are behaving EXACTLY the same on this.
Now am I saying you should stop saying Merry Christmas if that is how you chose to greet people this time of year? NOPE. But I am saying stop reacting as if you are offended by the greeting “Happy Holidays” if that is how someone chooses to greet you. And yeah I know some business require their employees to say “Happy Holidays” but it’s still a free country and if you feel that strongly about being able to say Merry Christmas at work… look for another job that allows it.
This time of years is full of celebrations of many kinds and of many faiths. No one faith owns the season. And again it goes back to what I have said for years… you do NOT have a right to not be offended. So stop acting like you do by trying to change how others believe, celebrate or what greeting they use. That goes for BOTH sides of this stupid debate.
It comes down to as long as people have heading spinning “I’m a victim” fits they will keep up the “I’m not touching you” behavior. The solution is simple. Smile and accept whatever greeting you are given in the spirit it is given.
Season Greetings!!

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Question those who seek to be offended.

If saying Happy Holidays is offensive, I would ask an individual, "what then is your demanded greeting for the morning, 'good morning', 'hello', 'greetings' or what?"

We can only presume that just any greeting isn't sufficient.

A greeting is a greeting is a greeting.

If a person's issue is with how someone is validating his own holiday season, that person has more problems than a greeting, he has control issues beyond contemplation.

Great article!