Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fixing This Nation

One of the arguments I often hear in political discussion is why don't you come up with answers instead of just complaining. Ok here is how I think we can fix this nation.

We understand that freedom is allowing others to live lives we do not approve of.. but we cannot expect anyone else to pay for the choices we make in how we live our lives. Fact is The Religious right scares me as much as the liberal left. We need to get back to Iconic Freedom as defined by the Constitution. That means if you have 6 kids you pay for them or give them up for adoption. If you want to do drugs you pay for your own rehab. And don’t expect someone to hire you because your life style is dangerous and may cost others their freedom of safety and well being. If you buy a house you pay the mortgage. If you want an abortion you pay for it because I have a moral issue with it, but won’t impose my moral yardstick on you. WE need to wean this nation off entitlement programs that serve to do nothing more than make people weak, helpless and irresponsible. We need to stop blaming others for our own bad choices and standing around waiting for someone to come save us from ourselves.

We put our foot down on government spending and tell them enough of taking the money WE EARN and spending it on nonsense. Such as: Congressional parties and travel of their families. Saving outdated arts that can’t maintain their own value. Researching the sexual habits of the common housefly. CONSTITUTIONALLY the government is responsible for DEFENSE spending and nothing more. And yes that means schools become privately funded (and competitive) or state funded. But I won’t get started on State Rights and Responsibilities.

Basically it comes down to ….. if you want to fix this nation stop waiting to be taken care of and get off your backside and take care of yourself. We can take a lesson from the Amish. A few years ago tornadoes went through Southern Indiana. The roads were closed because trees were down across them but here came a band of Amish men and women with food and tools in hand. They didn’t need electricity or cars to do what had to be done. Trees were cut up and moved off the road way. Made into fire wood. As they came across a barn or home that needed work they stopped and went to work. And not only the Amish worked. As one home was repaired those people joined the others and moved on to the next house. By the end of the week or so not only were all the Amish farms repaired but all of their neighbors who were not Amish. No one waited for FEMA or the Government… they just did what had to be done.

We as a Nation have to stop looking for the answers and waiting to be told what to think and do and just do it. Start with yourself.. take responsibility for your choices. Expect others to take responsibility for theirs. Funny thing … people will live up to the standards we set if they want to be a part of our lives be it on a personal or societal level. If enough of us set a higher standard others will meet them and this nation will begin to heal and be fixed.


Neill said...

Great piece of writing said...



A very solid understanding of self-reliance.

I loved the "Iconic Freedom" reference. :)

Republicans are masters of self-evaluation toward self-correction, the challenge is trying to get them to do it in ALL areas.

I agree with you that Republicans need to get off these socials issues.

However, it doesn't mean they give them up, or negate their principles, to the contrary.

It means if you uphold free market principles, then let free market foundations create innovation solutions to these issues, forged by communities who can make things happen.

If Republicans say "gov't does nothing well", then they can't turn around and keep endorsing gov't involved in marriage, abortion, education, health care,

You can't be a little bit pregnant and you can't have a little bit of gov't entitlement.

J.D. Long said...

I don't disagree with a single thing you've written here. This is precisely the thing that distinguishes America from the Third World. In the tornado situation you cite, Third-worlders would lay down and die or become refugees, like the Palestinians have for almost the last hundred years.

Americans take control of their destinies, and make a difference.

Here's the problem though. Say we decide to fund nothing but Defense nationally. Get rid of it all. no medicare, no medicaid, no prescription drug entitlement.

That means no more Medicare payments for dialysis treatments.

That means 7000 patients in San Antonio alone will die this month. 75,000 nationally. In-the-next-month.

That's not counting the elderly who are now dependent on federal medication subsidies through Medicare.

That's not counting the handicapped in Group Homes who live through Medicare and Medicaid.

Obviously this is extreme, but it's also real-world, as many families have abrogated their responsibilities to their families and dumped them on Medicare.

It's a Tar Baby, and getting out is gonna hurt, both physically and emotionally. In fact, it may take a generation or more to re-instill the moral independence and iconic freedom of the Amish into America again.

But it's a Great point, and it's the way out of where we are to where we want to be.

Knottie said...

I said WEAN people off those programs. And allow private charity to step in and help those who are worthy. It should be the individual who earns the money on how and who they wish to spend it on.

druebeall said...

Great Blog and that is so very correct.