Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health, Wealth and Happiness

Health, wealth and happiness is a toast we make on many occasions. Weddings, Birthdays, and New Years. These three things are not guaranteed in life these are things that are earned. So how is it that the government is trying so very hard to give us these things?

Wealth is earned through hard work and careful management of the money you earn. Of course there are types of wealth that are not of monetary value but these too are earned through learning to appreciate them... like your family and friends.

Health too is earned through our lifestyles. Granted getting sick and dying are two of the four things we can not control in life. But honestly we all know that eating well, exercising and not allowing ourselves to become overly stressed so we can rest well is key to good health. If we choose to drink too much, smoke, and do drugs we all are aware of the consequences and therefore responsible for them ourselves.

Now some people my not agree with me that happiness is earned. But by making the choice to find the silver lining and "turning the poison into medicine" we can be happier in life. I'm not saying even when we make the effort to be happy we are going to be all the time. No one dances around singing in happiness 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Life brings sadness and anger. But without those we could not fully appreciate the joys and be happy.

So back to my question.. How can the government "give" and regulate through law things that are earned and must be earned to be fully appreciated? If a person is going to be lazy and not work then they are not going to have wealth of any kind. Why should others give it to them? If a person is sick or injured and can't work and has the wealth of family and friends that they've earned then they are the ones who would and should step up to help them. If a person goes out and lives a lifestyle that is dangerous to their health knowing then why should others be made to pay for fixing their health? They choose to destroy it. And if a person wants to be angry and wallow in unhappiness instead of working to create happiness in themselves and their lives then no one else is going to change that.

The Government needs to get out of the business of taking care of people. That is in no way it's job. In this nation we are free... free means that people get to do things we don't like as long as they aren't involving others. Free means you have to take on the responsibility for how you live your life. free means when you see someone else doing well who has health wealth and happiness.. you don't get to be jealous and demand the same for yourself. It means you should be inspired to go EARN it for yourself!

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