Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stand To, Marine Supporters! Our Marines Need Help!

Hat tip to Alamo City Pundit


Patriot Room Blog has this appeal to help out some Marines overseas:

Time to make our men and women in Afghanistan know we are proud of them. Just got alerted to this from PR Friend American Genie … the text below is a cut-and-paste. There is nothing more important than thanking the men and women that are defending our lives with theirs. Thanks for your help!

I have had a request from a friend to ask for some volunteers to send care packages to a particular Marine unit that is currently in Afghanistan (3rd Btn 11th Marines). They are desperately in need of some basic “non-military” supplies and could definitely benefit from hearing some words of support from home accompanying these items. In particular, some items they would like to receive would include:

– “Boot Socks: Black or Tan (white seems to be popular with it being so hot)

Underwear: All Sizes (either boxers or briefs or some of each)

Baby Wipes

Soap/Body Wash


Razor Cartridges (All Brands)

Drink Mixes (Crystal Light, Propel, Sugar Free type stuff)

Solar Shower Bags (you can find these in camping stores or the internet/ebay or look here

– Any type of fitness equipment or gadgets

From previous experiences with sending care packages, please do not send edible stuff that will melt (e.g. chocolate). Feel free to include any other types of items you think our Marines might enjoy. Please DO send a personal note of encouragement and thanks to them. Please box up whatever items you wish to send and send them directly to:

1st Sgt Jason Hanson
3/11 HQ Battery: HBO
Unit 41630
FPO AP 96427-1630

1Sgt Hanson is the HQ Battery 1Sgt and will distribute items within the Btn. There are about 150 Marines in 3/11, so the more you send, the more they can be taken care of and know that we at home care about what they are doing and care for them.

For anyone who’s interested in some background, they deployed this spring as part of the surge. This is their official unit web page. This is the Marine Parents page for the unit. And this is the most recent news article I could find on the unit.

This is entirely voluntary and I thank you in advance for those of you who choose to act on this request.

And I can vouch from my time in Desert Storm that the Drink Mixes are the most efficient and most appreciated things you can send. Energy bars, granola, and other type “mix” bars are also appreciated.

It sounds to me like these guys were already on a deployment when they got diverted to Afghanistan and have been out there a Long, Loooong time without being able to get to a PX — which is a bad way to go. So these are the guys desperately in need right now. Even something as simple as a newspaper, a magazine would be greatly appreciated. And you can never have enough Hot Sauce, Fruit snacks, or cookies — trust me on this.

This is my plan, which I’m going to do tomorrow morning:

  1. Got To Post Office.
  2. Buy 2 or 3 of those new “Flat-rate Shipping” Boxes they have now. No Weighing, just fill and mail.
  3. Take boxes to Wal-Mart.
  4. Fill ‘em up!
  5. Mail those suckers.

I’m making a list right now for Wal-Mart tomorrow. Let’s get this going on, people!


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