Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iraq Veterans Find Afghan Enemy Even Bolder

All too often those of us who are not in the military would like to think we are fighting the most stupid of men. The problem is in thinking the enemy is stupid we underestimate them and give them a advantage.

The enemy in Iraq was well armed but not skillful in the ways of war. Unlike those in Iraq our enemy in Afghanistan has been fighting wars for many many years.

“They’re not stupid,” said Lance Cpl. Frank Hegel. “You can tell they catch on to things, and they don’t make the same mistake twice.”

They are very skillful in fighting as coalition forces have found out first hand. Thankfully though they are not well armed.

“If they had better weapons, we’d be in real trouble,” said Lance Cpl. Vazgen Matevosyan.

We can not continue to assume the war in Afghanistan is going to be easy and that we are fighting some overly religious dumb farmers. We are fighting an army with many many years of experience in fighting. Not only on the battle field but in the ways of controlling and gaining the support of the people in Afghanistan ( See Code Of Conduct Story)

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