Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basebook.com Helps Reconnect Military Members

One of the best thing about military life is the friendships and bonds that are created. Not only among those who serve, which is a bond that only they truly understand, but between the spouses and children of those who serve. But as it is with the military people move a lot to new post or back into civilian life and loose touch with each other. the internet and social media outlets make it easier to keep in touch with sites like facebook, myspace and twitter and now military members have a social media outlet dedicated just for them making it easier than ever to re-acquainted with long lost friends.
Josh Kayser has created www.militarybasebook.com. Members can log in via their facebook account. Basebook lets members post and search for others, such as those who served on the same bases, or who might share similar interests or military experiences, he said. Members can also set up their profile information to include which medals, badges and ribbons they’ve been awarded.

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