Monday, July 27, 2009

Taliban Code of Conduct?

Limiting suicide attacks, avoiding civilian casualties and winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the local civilian population? These are a few things outlines in the 13 chapters of the recently obtained Taliban Code of Conduct.

Could it be that they are wising up and realizing that pissing people off by killing them and terrorizing them is not the best way to keep them from turning them over to NATO forces? Or are they truly trying to legitimize themselves to bring peace? Nah.. it can't be anything so credible. What is happening is the Taliban is quietly and diligently building a shadow government in Afghanistan. This is the first steps in
Mullah Omar, the movement's leader, to centralize the Taliban's operations. By centralizing Taliban operations they can execute attacks and gain more control over the government there.

"The timing may be just a coincidence, however, as rival presidential candidates detail their manifestos and the Taliban makes an effort to win over the Afghan public.

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